Frisco City Council added roads and infrastructure, and community engagement to its top 10 list of priorities this year.

Council Member Tammy Meinershagen suggested the city prioritize envisioning and planning for Frisco’s roads and infrastructure in 2040. The list of priorities for 2023 was made by council at the conclusion of its winter work session meetings Jan. 26-27 at the newly-opened Frisco Landing campus of the University of North Texas.

Mayor Jeff Cheney said the list signals to the public that the city is prioritizing planning and delivery of infrastructure for the future.

“Part of the use of this top 10 is to convey to the public what we feel is important,” Cheney said. “Even though city staff has already made this a priority, is already working on it as a priority [and] has already self-identified this as a major focus, there’s a power in us saying that ‘this is on our top 10 list and we as a council view this as a priority.’”

Council members also voiced support for prioritization of community engagement by making it easier for citizens to get involved with the city and practicing excellence in communication.

Cheney said last year’s theme revolved around embracing change which was reflected in the council’s priorities. But 2023 would be a huge year with the expected opening of a new library, the Professional Golfers’ Association of America headquarters and Omni PGA resort and the golf tournament to follow, he said.

“I would expect by the end of next year, we’re crossing a lot of these off and it’s going to make way for fresh new ideas for future planning,” Cheney said.

Council members also heard updates from several city departments and discussed their vision for Frisco’s future. Topics discussed during the meetings included revitalizing downtown, reprogramming city hall, developing Grand Park, growth and development in Frisco, and the performing arts center.

In summing up the winter session, several council members highlighted their collaboration with staff during the meetings. Council Member Angelia Pelham said she felt the meetings were more about the staff reports last year in contrast to this year.

“I thought it was highly collaborative and I love that,” she said.

Before concluding the winter sessions, council members updated their list of top 10 priorities from 2022. The list will be finalized by Strategic Government Resources and will be presented to council for official approval at a later date. The list included:
  • Master planning of Grand Park;
  • Performing Arts Center;
  • Frisco reinvestment-Assets;
  • World Cup 2026;
  • Trail connectivity and and parks activation;
  • Tourism and entertainment;
  • Downtown 2040 vision;
  • PGA;
  • Roads and infrastructure 2040 vision; and
  • Community engagement.