Universal Kids Frisco’s planning and zoning request to build a 30-acre theme park was tabled after more than an hour of public comments and opposition from community members.

The decision came from a joint meeting of Frisco City Council and Planning and Zoning during a Feb. 7 special meeting where the public was invited to comment.

“Council will take no action on this item,” Mayor Jeff Cheney said at the meeting.

The plans to build the theme park in Frisco was first revealed by city and Universal representatives in a Jan. 11 announcement. The full plot of land purchased by Universal is 97 acres in the Frisco Fields development, but only 30 acres would be used for the park and accompanying hotel, according to city documents.

Since the original announcement, there has been a town hall, a meet and greet with officials and meetings with homeowners associations to introduce Frisco residents to the idea of neighboring a theme park. Traffic studies and engineering plans have also since been posted online by the city.

More documents will be posted online by the city soon, including Universal’s crime analysis study, said Cheney. A more than 100-page report discussing engineering plans for the theme park is also available online for residents.

“We want this to be a very transparent process,” Cheney said.

Some Frisco residents still feel the decision to build is too hasty.

Residents opposed the park’s construction during public comment. They stated the implications on traffic and crime are too risky for their neighborhoods.

“This was dumped on us a month ago,” one resident said.

The concerns of residents clashed with vocal support for the park earlier in the meeting from surrounding business and franchise owners, such as PGA Omni and FC Frisco.

City Council and the Planning and Zoning Committee are scheduled to meet again for continued public comment and to possibly make a decision Feb. 21.