After tabling a decision to rezone property for development of 61 townhomes surrounded by already established single-family housing, Frisco City Council rejected the change in zoning to allow the project.

At its May 17 meeting, council voted 5-1 not to repeal and change zoning on 400.3 acres on the northwest and southwest corners of Legacy Drive and Stonebrook Parkway. Council Member Bill Woodard voted in favor of changing the rezoning. If approved, the rezoning request would have allowed the townhomes to be built on a triangular tract of land in the development named Heartwood at Edgestone at the northeast corner of Stonebrook Parkway and 4th Army Drive.

Dozens of nearby residents spoke against the project at the council’s April 19 meeting. The decision was tabled to allow more discussion and meetings between the developer and residents near the proposed project. More than 20 residents addressed the council again at the May 17 meeting. Concerns included traffic, impact to schools and higher density housing.

While the townhome project received support from some Frisco residents encouraging the city to diversify housing options, the council members who voted against rezoning felt the proposal is the right project for the city, but in the wrong location.

Mayor Jeff Cheney said he was hoping the extra time before the decision would allow discussions between the developer and residents to address their concerns, but did not feel there was a resolution. He was the first to say he would vote against the project.

“What I was hoping would happen did not,” Cheney said. “Comments tonight were very compelling by the residents.”

Council Member Laura Rummel urged the applicant to develop property elsewhere in the city, saying it is a good project on the wrong property.

“The townhomes are beautiful,” Rummel said. “I hope you build them in our city. I’m super supportive of townhomes being built in Frisco.”