Frisco City Council voted Tuesday to approve an amended lease agreement with FC Dallas to use Toyota Stadium.

The changes to the lease agreement revise a previous amendment that was approved last year. The city and FC Dallas updated their lease agreement so that renovations could be made to the stadium. The most recent amendment includes the following:

  • Raises the additional rent from $1 million per year to $1.05 million per year

  • Provides that should FC Dallas install its additional seating with the renovations by Dec. 7, 2017, then the additional rent would be reduced to $1 million per year

  • Changes the construction start date from May 31 to Oct. 10, 2016

  • Includes revisions to the overall renovations project

FC Dallas announced the Toyota Stadium renovations project last year. The project includes bringing the National Soccer Hall of Fame to Frisco and adding new locker rooms and entrance tunnels on the south end of the stadium to accommodate football teams for Frisco ISD and NCAA championship games.

The scope of the project was recently scaled back when construction bids came back over the $39-million budget. The changes to the project include reducing the common area space and condensing the south entrance of the stadium from two stories to one story.