Jeff and Yan Upchurch relocated from California to Frisco after Jeff Upchurch's brother said Frisco would be receptive to their restaurant, The Sandwich Spot.

The original Sandwich Spot was first opened in 2007 by Tom Heally, who decided to license the concept rather than franchise, and the couple opened the first Texas location.

The backstory

Jeff Upchurch said that he was in the military traveling between Indiana and California when he met Yan Upchurch, who owned a Sandwich Spot location with her sister in San Jose.

Eventually, the couple opened their first store together in California but sold the store when they decided to move to Texas.

The Sandwich Spot opened in Frisco in December 2022, Jeff Upchurch said, adding that the community reception to the restaurant has been positive, and patrons have spread the word about the restaurant.

“We like to tell people that the disciples leave and tell the story,” he said.

What’s on the menu?

Customers can make their own sandwich or choose one of the 37 sandwiches listed on the menu. Jeff Upchurch said each Sandwich Spot location features the same menu; however, every location names sandwiches after landmarks and symbols in the area.

The most popular sandwich is the Frisco club, Jeff Upchurch said. The sandwich features turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese and avocado on a bread of the customer’s choice.

Another popular sandwich is the Home Depot, which features freshly sliced ham, salami, prosciutto, provolone and Italian dressing.

Quote of note

“It’s not fast food,” Jeff Upchurch said. “It’s good food somewhat fast.”