During a trip to San Diego, Zach Greenberg saw a frozen yogurt shop and thought the concept would work well in Texas.

Soon after, Greenberg opened Purple Kiwi, Frisco’s first frozen yogurt shop in 2009.

The backstory

When Greenberg was in college, he didn’t know what he wanted to do when he graduated.

“It was senior year, and I was a pre-med, biology major,” he said. “But I knew I didn’t want to go into health care.”

Greenberg opened Purple Kiwi and opted not to buy into a franchise because he wanted full control over the shop, something he called the best decision he’s ever made.

Because he has been in Frisco for so long, the customer base appreciates that the Purple Kiwi is a small, family-owned business, Greenberg said.

What’s in a name?

Greenberg said his little sister, Liz, came up with the store’s name, adding that her two favorite colors are purple and green, which he incorporated into the store's design.

“I think it’s a cool color scheme,” Greenberg said. “They go together very well.”

In addition, Greenberg said Liz also came up with the store’s slogan, “the culture of yogurt.”

What’s on the menu?

Purple Kiwi’s flavors are “all across the board,” Greenberg said, adding that he likes to offer kid-friendly flavors.

Popular flavors include cookies and cream and birthday cake, but the shop also offers California tart, which pairs with fruit.

“You can go two routes,” Greenberg said. “You can top [the yogurt] with M&M's and all the chocolates. Or you can go the healthier route and do a nice, simple tart with all kinds of fruits or maybe honey on it.”

The menu also includes other flavors, such as wild strawberry, New York Cheese and seasonal rotating flavors but also offers nondairy and sugar-free options.

Quote of note

“The loyalty of the customers is really what has kept me in business for the past 15 years,” Greenberg said. “The coolest thing I get to experience is that kids whose parents were bringing them in the shop in strollers now work for me.”