With most big events and parties on hold due to the coronavirus, Sweets on a Stick owner Nicki Cooley said her business has nearly come to a grinding halt.

Cooley started the business out of her home in 2012, before opening a commercial kitchen at her shop in The Rail District in 2017. With her husband now working from home, Cooley said she had to cut her hours to help watch their two young children.

“We have a 4- and a 6-year-old, so if I'm gone all day baking, [that] is just not working for us right now,” Cooley said.

One thing that is working is the decorate-your-own-cookie kits that families are able to enjoy together. The kits come with either six or a dozen cookies and up to four different icing colors.

Cooley calls them “coloring book cookies” because of the black outline she adds to the edges of the designs.

“They're really kid friendly, and adults like them too,” She said. “They just basically have to squeeze the icing onto the cookie.”

With her decreased workload, Cooley said the business has been selling as many of the kits as she can handle in a week. For those that do buy a kit, Sweets on a Stick is offering no-contact pickup of the orders to comply with the social distancing order in place in Frisco. People can pick up their clearly labeled bags from a table on the porch of her shop.

“A lot of people [are] happy to have something special to do or kind of like a little reward for mom and for kids after doing e-learning,” Cooley said.

Cooley is also planning to offer an online cookie decorating class April 24.

“You'll still get a kit of cookies and icing and things, but it's geared more towards adults,” she said. “I'm going to do a Zoom conference call, and they can decorate the cookies in real time with me.”

Sweets on a Stick has also done some special orders during the pandemic because, as Cooley puts it, “your birthday’s not canceled." The largest order the business received was from a family doing a “drive-by birthday,” Cooley said.

“All their friends and neighbors are driving by, and I don't know if they're tossing cookies at the cars or leaving them on the sidewalk or what they're doing, but they ordered a couple dozen to hand out to people when they drive by," she said.