Apple to close Frisco and Plano stores


Apple has confirmed it will close its Frisco and Plano stores as the company prepares to open a Galleria Dallas location in April.

Apple would not comment on when the Frisco and Plano locations are closing. The Frisco store is inside Stonebriar Centre, and the Plano store is at The Shops at Willow Bend.

The company released the following statement Feb. 22 about the closures:

“We’re making a major investment in our stores in Texas, including significant upgrades to NorthPark Center, Southlake and Knox Street with a new Dallas store coming to the Dallas Galleria this April, we’ve made the decision to consolidate stores and close Apple Stonebriar and Apple Willow Bend. All employees from those stores will be offered positions at the new Dallas store or other Apple locations.”

With the two closures and one opening, Apple will have five locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The company employs 1,000 people in DFW, according to Apple.

Apple stores are known for the Genius Bar, where customers can receive in-person support and repairs for Apple products. The stores also showcase the latest Apple products for customers to test.

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  1. Alan Koenigsberg

    From my perspective, and I believe I speak for all of us in Far North Dallas, Plano and Frisco, I think this is a terrible decision on the part of Apple. I never go to the Galleria, as it is so landlocked and crowded, Northpark is not anywhere near my neighborhood.
    The population of Far North Dallas, Plano and Frisco spend most of the time visiting the two Malls they are leaving, after they spent time and money renovating the Willow Bend Store.
    I urge the people who made this decision to reconsider closing these two stores. Most of us will simply not buy Apple Products in stores after this. It’s not worth the traffic battles.

  2. That’s such a horrible news !! I m very disappointed with this announcement! I live north Dallas and never go to galleria mall for various reasons ! It’s super crowded !! Not enough parking !! Far for us too !! Consolidation is not a great idea ! I always see apple store here in Frisco is so busy and in Plano too !! Not sure why consolidate ! Even bigger mess !

  3. Jennifer Bownds

    Personally I think this is a total disservice to the many customers in North Dallas. Both locations are always full !! Meaning you need those locations. Why not close one of the several Dallas locations and leave one either in Plano or Frisco. This is a terrible business decision.

  4. This is an horrible decision Apple. No one in Frisco, Plano, Allen, McKinney, Celina, etc wants to drive to Northpark or the Galleria to visit a store!!!! It sounds like this decision was made solely on greed. Shame on you.

  5. Apple Employees

    If you only knew the truth! Apple sales are down. News about VP Angela Ahrendts soon to be leaving. She spend too much time on wasted money on revamp apple willow bend and other stores all over. Now, employees who are veterans and being forced out. Apple employees have not been happy for managers and hire up for not being transparent to their own employees and the public. All IOS updates have NEVER been tested, making the public do the test even if it ruins their apple products. Do you think Apple cares? NOT!! They won’t fix it and want to force you to upgrade or buy a new one. Who has that kind of money in their pockets. That’s just a media excuse and all they care is money in their pockets. Making the public suckers! Don’t believe your privacy is safe! I recommend the media news start forcing Apple to bring out the truth!

    -Apple Employees

  6. It is because Frisco and Plano are part of East Texas Court District. This is patent trolls preferred district due to corruption and uneducated juries.

    By closing these stores, patent trolls cannot sue Apple in East Texas. Smart move on Apple part but sucks for us.

    Hopefully, people can get their representatives to look into fixing patent laws.

    • You hit the nail on the head as noted in other technology reports. This has nothing to do with sales, etc.

    • I heard this too. I don’t understand it though. Patents are national, what does it matter if these cities are part of the East Texas Court District?

  7. I’ve lived in North Dallas and now part of the Frisco area for over 10 years. The Apple store at Willow Bend and now Stonebriar Centre have been my go to Apple location for over a decade. To everyone’s point, I never visit the Galleria because its simply too far and extremely crowded and parking is terrible. This move to close those two Apple stores is simply ignorant on behalf of Apple. What are you doing as a company and why do you continue to NOT listen to your customers. I visit both location quite frequently and as mentioned, they are always jam packed with current and new customers. Apple…you just don’t get it and simply put this is a 100% terrible decision!!

  8. I thought that this is the worst decision that Apple management people ever made.

    Can Apple allow us to sell back old MAC OS laptop so that we can buy Windows products to stay in Frisco?

    The top apple management people should do investigate on this decision maker to make sure he/she doesn’t have
    intention to downgrade Apple or may be help other………. Apple should try to fire him/her ASAP.

    This is the most stupid business decision that I have ever heard. I will never go to Dallas Galleries.

  9. I’ll never understand why people feel the need to go into the Apple store. I run an Android phone and use various MacBooks but order all of those online to my doorstep. Done.

  10. This is shocking, highly disappointing, and very bad news. I have never been to Stonebriar Center or Willow Bend when the Apple Stores are not packed with customers (even when the rest of the mall is nearly empty). I’ve been a loyal and happy Apple customer since I got my first Mac SE, but closing the two Apple Stores I go to definitely sends the wrong message it me. Opening a new store in the Galleria is good news for that mall. It will probably drive customer traffic to that mall, but I’m sure many people who live north of the President George Bush Turnpike (the fastest growing portion of the DFW Metroplex) will not make the drive down to the Galleria.

  11. Very disappointing and short-sighted. It’s already a trek for me to hit Willow Bend or Stonebriar AND, as others have noted, there’s always tons of people and a long wait. I won’t be making the drive to the Galleria.

    • You see, this is Galleria Mall type of service.

      People in Frisco and Plano are highly educated people and use better educated words.

      Even though University park, College park, Preston hollow etc. Dallas locations are high end locations with well educated people. Many of them are not and people may like to use this type of service words.

      Before, I thought that Apple have more highly educated people. Maybe too many competitors, Apple’s culture has changed to to the other end.

      Hopefully, other high tech competitors step in to replace Apple so that we can buy their high-end laptop to interface with high end people.

  12. I can understand consolidating Plano and Frisco, but to get rid of both of them for yet another Dallas location is nuts. I have not been to Galleria in a decade, and probably will never go there again.

  13. Well just tells me that something stinks in Denmark, ie., Apple has problems that they aren’t admitting! About time to move all of my families services away from a company that will leave the fastest growing communities in the entire United States or because they perceive everyone in North Texas are deplorable(HC) and don’t deserve their wonderful services!! Listen to Tim Cooks last speech…he says it all right there!!!

    Destruction is usually short-term pain for longterm gain!

    Just me opinion!

  14. I can understand closing Frisco store, and many more to follow.
    The Mall that was pleasant to go now is a dangerous place, with young going in groups, we all know who they are, shoplifting, beating and assaulting who they dont like.
    Even a youngster was beaten by a group inside a movie theater.
    Frisco is not very safe ,the move of the Dallas cowboys did bring unsavory characters.

    • As far as I know, majorities of Frisco’s violences are not from Frisco’s residence and came from neighboring town such as Colony, Mckinney, Dallas etc.

      People like to visit Frisco because Frisco have more fun places; unfortunately, bad neighborhood people come in to cause those issues.

      When few years ago, Dallas had deadly disease. Even Emory University in Altlanta , Georgia may not 100% sure to save people who got those deadly disease. However, that time, Frisco is a save heaven for avoiding those deadly disease. I remember that , that time, everybody was afraid of going to Dallas even though their Macbook has issues.

      My undestanding about that Apple close Plano and Frisco store is related to patent infringement related.

  15. Yeah, I think Amir and MM are right. I was in the Stonebriar store yesterday where I first learned they were closing. I said, “But you guys always seem so busy every time I come by here!” The employee said, “Oh that’s not the issue. Business is fine. There’s some sort of legal/patent issue going on – I don’t really understand it.”

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