Collin College, along with many other community colleges across the state, is taking steps to prepare for campus carry regulations that go into effect in August.

Collin College board of trustees had their first reading of a new board policy during tonight's regular meeting that describes the rules the college will use to implement these new regulations. Trustees are expected to take action on the new policy at next month’s meeting.

In the last legislative session, Senate Bill 11 was passed that required the state’s public colleges and universities to allow handguns on campus for those with a license to carry.

Collin College District President Neil Matkin said meetings were held at each campus to receive input from students, faculty and staff regarding specific safety considerations and any impact the policy could have on programs, campuses and students.

Trustee Jim Orr said the college has also been examining four-year universities—who were required to implement the law last August—to see how their policies were received before the college developed its own.

The new policy excludes handguns in facilities such as childcare businesses, polling locations, facilities where professional, college and high school sporting events are in progress and any room where a governmental entity is meeting.

In addition, Collin College already has four additional policies that reference weapons on campus that needed to be modified to be consistent with the new policy.

The college is required to submit a report every two years to the state legislature regarding the college’s policy and the reasons the college has established its rules.