Grub macaroni and cheese burger The macaroni and cheese burger is one of Grub Burger's most popular items.[/caption]

Grub Burger Bar at 8255 Preston Road in Plano opened for business on June 30. This is the 16th location for the Texas-based chain that started four years ago in College Station.

Managing Partner Matt Sherrer said the restaurant specializes in “bake and grind.” Hamburger buns are made from scratch each morning and baked throughout the day. Patties are built from fresh brisket and chuck loins, and sauces and dressings are made from scratch. It’s all part of Grub’s effort to use fresh local ingredients.

“You get a lot of exploding flavors,” Sherrer said. “Nothing comes out of a bag or the freezer.”

Grub Burger- Matt Sherrer Managing Partner Matt Sherrer says Grub Burger's people set them apart[/caption]

Grub’s voodoo mushroom burger features a Tabasco mayo sauce that brings a little heat. Swiss cheese is added for creaminess, and then the burger is topped with absinthe-reduced mushrooms, salt, green onions and a little more Tabasco.

The name “Grub” is actually an acronym that stands for good people, real food, unique vibe and big flavors. Cliff Wright serves as the corporate chef, and is responsible for coming up with new dishes and keeping the menu unique.

“He’s always inspired by new and wacky things,” Sherrer said. “Sometimes if it’s something mainstream, he will go in a different direction to try and stay innovative.”

One innovative menu item is the salmon filet bowl that was created as a cross between a salad and a burger without a bun. A grilled salmon fillet sits on a bed of avocado, bacon, queso fresco and Grub’s signature bean and corn medley. The mix is tossed in an ancho chili vinaigrette and topped with sprouts.

According to Sherrer, Grub is about more than just the food. The restaurant strives to present an atmosphere that is different from its competitors.

“What [sets] us apart is having good people,” Sherrer said.

He added that the staff, dubbed “Grubsters,” is trained to be hospitable, inspiring and solution-oriented. They encourage diners to pick their own meal peace. Visitors looking for a quick lunch are directed directly to the counter where they can place their order. Those wanting a more leisurely experience can go to the bar or dining area to enjoy a shake, cocktail or one of Grub’s 16 beers on tap. The selection includes a variety of Texas brews.

Happy hour runs from 3-6 p.m. and then from 9 p.m. to close. Specials include drinks and appetizers priced at $3-$5.

Grub Burger Salmon filet bowl The salmon filet bowl is part salad and part burger without the bun.[/caption]

Grub also offers catering for nearby businesses. The restaurant can deliver build-your-own burger stations or individual meals labeled for each employee.

Grub Burger Bar is open is open from 11 a.m. -10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

“We offer good food and a unique experience,” Sherrer said. “This is an extremely hard market to find employees in, but we have a great team.