For Golden Tickets brokers in Plano, fortunes ride on sports outcomes


Plano’s Ram Silverman has never broken a television set while watching sports—although he has come close a few times, he said.

Silverman is not a huge follower of any particular team, but as co-owner of a Plano-based ticket broker company, he has more riding on the outcomes than most diehard fans. When the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams each earned a spot in this year’s Super Bowl, the disappointed Silverman made such a racket that it scared the dog.

“Our livelihood is dependent on the teams that make it in,” he said.

For Silverman’s company Golden Tickets, the Super Bowl is one of the most important events of the year. The prices of these tickets can rise and fall depending on which teams make it to the big game and how interested their fanbases are in attending.

The Patriots had been to the NFL’s highest level many times before, and the Rams recently moved to a new city and were still in the process of attracting a loyal fanbase. The result was a worst-case scenario for a ticket broker, Silverman said.

This type of calculation is common in Silverman’s business, which he started 31 years ago in Plano with business partner Steve Parry. Together, they connect clients with tickets to major sporting events from international soccer matches to the Masters Tournament.

Through partnerships with travel agencies and a list of corporate clients, Silverman and Parry have been able to weather the changes in an industry that has come to be dominated by giant resale websites such as Stubhub and Ticketmaster. Individual ticketbuyers can also browse their selection on the company’s website.

Golden Tickets also offers all-in-one ticket packages including hotel and travel arrangements. For its largest event, The Masters, the company sells golf badges and offers hospitality services near the golf course in Augusta, Georgia.

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Daniel Houston
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