Ask the editor: What improvements can lead to a good return when preparing to sell a home?


According to Realtor Rachel Cox, who works for Allure Real Estate in Austin, preparing a home to place it on the market is not an exact science.

She said investing in cosmetic items a possible buyer can physically see—floors, countertops, cabinets and even high-quality lightbulbs—will make a home more marketable. If upgrading to a granite countertop or a new floor, she recommends going with a reasonably priced option instead of the top of the line variety to see a better return on the price without a noticeable drop in quality.

For the exterior, basic landscaping upkeep such as trimming hedges, planting affordable flowers and mulching can also help your home stand out without needing major work, she said.

Cox also said to think about which features sold you on the home to begin with and to invest in ways to highlight those features. Chances are a future buyer will be impressed with the same features you were originally.

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Nicholas Cicale
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