Located on 165 acres of farmland off Fitzhugh Road, Jester King is a brewery, restaurant, farm and event hall founded in 2010 by brothers Jeffrey Stuffings and Michael Steffing.

“We’re small, local, independent. We stand up for those things,” Stuffings said. “Then we try to do something that can only exist here. As we like to say: ‘tied to time, place and people.’”

Stuffings said he was inspired by the “rustic” and “land-driven” Belgian farmhouse tradition.

“Most beers are made with a pure culture of yeast that makes the beer very repeatable and consistent, and we kind of fly in the opposite direction where we make beer that is wild in nature,” Stuffings said.

The brewery makes about 2,500 barrels of beer a year, including ales, lagers, IPAs and stouts.

Jester King beers incorporate well water, local grains, fruits, vegetables and native yeast and bacterias.

To play a part in sustainability, Jester King uses a solar grid for the brewery and treats its own wastewater on-site that is used for irrigation, Stuffings said.

Stuffings said the water-to-beer ratio is about two barrels of water per every barrel of beer, which is lower than the industry standard.

About four years ago, Jester King began raising goats and now has 82 goats living on the farm, primarily taken care of by goat shepherds such as Lissa Rowe.

Rowe said the goats help restore the soil by grazing and educate the public on restorative farming practices.

When visiting Jester King, guests can walk a half-mile loop that circles the initial farm installation where the vineyard, inaugural berm and goats can be seen. Jester King also features a playground.

“[Jester King] is where you put away your device and just enjoy conversation with friends and family in a rural, relaxed setting with really good food and drink,” Stuffings said.