American Airlines will cut a total of 21 nonstop flights from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in 2024, including six international and 15 domestic destinations.

The gist

Some of these routes canceled include nonstop to Cincinnati, El Paso, Jacksonville, Oklahoma City, Tampa, Memphis, Vail and Washington, D.C.

Amid the canceled routes in 2024, American Airlines will offer 19 additional daily departures compared to 2019, said a spokesperson for the airline. Impacted customers will be reached out to by the airline with an updated schedule.

“Austin remains an important market for American [Airlines] as we continuously evaluate our network,” a spokesperson for the airline said in a statement.

Zooming in

In September, American Airlines totaled 395,304 passengers at the Austin airport, down 10.8% compared to September 2022, according to data from ABIA. The airline saw about a 9% decrease in passengers in August and 8% decrease in July compared to last year as well.

The airport experienced its busiest year ever in 2022, but over half of the airport’s busiest days ever recorded were in 2023. The busiest day on record for the airport was Oct. 23, after Formula 1 Weekend.

Addressing this passenger growth is the airport’s expansion and development program, Journey with AUS, which launched in 2021, consists of projects such as a gate expansion, new midfield concourse and a new jet fuel storage facility.

Quote of note

“This holiday season and into next year, [ABIA] looks forward to connecting travelers to a robust selection of international and domestic markets alongside all of our airline partners,” an ABIA spokesperson said in a statement. “We remain committed to meeting our community's demand for air service.”