After less than a year of serving Thai-Chinese fusion dishes, P Thai's Khao Man Gai is now closed.

Owner Thai Changthong made the announcement on social media in late January.

Changthong said he made the decision because the host of his restaurant's brick and mortar—Hong Kong Supermarket—was also closing.

"It’s not goodbye but see you later," Changthong said on Instagram. "I cannot thank Austin enough for giving me the chance to come out and be on my own and bring Austin’s first Khao Man Gai shop. I hope to bring back P Thai’s Khao Man Gai, my noodle shop and more Thai Chinese food."

Changthong opened P Thai's Khao Man Gai last July and specialized in khao man gai, or Thai-style Hainanese chicken and rice.

Changthong is also the co-owner of Thai Kun at Domain Northside.