Partners and sisters Sue Kim-Drohomyrecky and Katie Kim of the hospitality company Tykhe Group opened Playground ATX in mid-November.

Playground ATX serves as a restaurant launchpad, with a six-month rotation of eateries occupying the 75-seat restaurant space to test the waters before a full-scale opening, according to a news release.

Locals Kevin and Rosie Truong, who started the recently closed food truck Fil 'n Viet, will be the first tenants with their new eatery, East Meets Wings.

East Meets Wings pulls inspiration from Indonesian, Indian, Thai, Sichuan and Japanese dishes, and combines that with a modern twist.

Dishes include Ayam Goreng wings made with chili soy sauce, and topped with shallots and cilantro; a chicken sandwich tossed in Sinigan spice with Vietnamese slaw; and vegetarian options, such as butter masala with fenugreek leaves and cashews.