The city of San Marcos announced its free "Get Around Downtown" shuttle service Nov. 17. The pilot program is serviced by ECab of North America and is meant to help residents, visitors and employees who work in the downtown area get around.

The city has been trying to bolster efforts to offer a microtransit program for several years, as previously reported by Community Impact.

In October 2019, the parking advisory board recommended the city use $500,000 from the downtown tax increment reinvestment zone, or TIRZ, for an electric cab pilot program. However, by summer 2021, the City Council denied all received proposals for a program.

Finally, the city has been able to use the $500,000 TIRZ funds to launch "Get Around Downtown," which offers rides within the Main Street District.

“We are excited to offer this fully electronic shuttle service to make getting to work or home a little easier in the downtown area,” Transit Specialist Amy Cogdill said in a press release.

Those interested in catching a free ride can signal to a shuttle, or call the dispatch number 512-522-5269 and have one sent to their location.