The latest figures for students attending school in person throughout San Marcos CISD show a stark increase from the end of January to the middle of February.

During the district's Feb. 22 meeting, Superintendent Michael Cardona presented the figures to the school board.

The attendance figures begin Jan. 25 and end Feb. 11, and Cardona said this is because no in-person tallies were taken the week of Feb. 15 due to the severe winter storm that canceled all classes for the week.

The total number of in-person students throughout the district's campuses went from 3,523 on Jan. 25 to 4,712 on Feb. 11—a 33.75% increase.

"Roughly about 59% of our kids were in the buildings," Cardona said of the most recent data.

Of note, San Marcos High School had 483 students attend classes in person, and by Feb. 11, that number jumped to 1,451, which amounts to an approximately 200% increase.