Leadership for the city of Kyle and Central Southwest Texas Development LLC gathered at the corner of FM 1626 and Marketplace Avenue on March 22 to break ground on Kyle Crossing Phase 2, which will be home to the city’s first mixed-use development.

The City Council recently approved a zoning ordinance change to allow for mixed-use buildings on 27.8 acres of land; however, the entirety of the land for the Kyle Crossing Phase 2 development is 38.5 acres on two separate tracts of land.

In 2019, CSTD met with Director of Economic Development Diana Torres to discuss what the city and its residents wanted: sit down restaurants, retail businesses, entertainment and connectivity, CSTD Development Partner Travis Sawvell said.

“That became the core of what this project was going to be,” Sawvell said. “We then started our process of working with the city ... over a two year process. And through that process, we formed a partnership.”

Through the partnership, the developer and the city formed their development agreement as well as a Chapter 380 agreement that offers incentives to promote economic development through commercial and retail projects, according to the city’s economic development website.

With the agreements in place, the developers will be able to deliver restaurants, retail and outdoor spaces for the city of Kyle.

“More importantly, we’re now being integrated with The Vybe, which we are so thrilled to be a part of. ... It gives us that ability to go and connect with the city of Kyle and its residents, and plugs us in a way that we didn’t see possible,” Sawvell said.

A newer addition to the development will be a $3 million tunnel that will be built underneath Kyle Crossing into Cromwell Street that will allow residents to walk or bike from Plum Creek to the new development, Mayor Travis Mitchell said.

“[Connectivity] was important from the beginning [and] a little bit unique. Developers don’t like unique ideas; they like things that are tried and tested,” Mitchell said. “We’re trying to flip the script on that here in the city of Kyle and not just build the same way we’ve always built. ... I cannot wait to sit down at some of these restaurants and dine; I know a lot of our community feels the same way."

The northern tract of land, at approximately 16.1 acres, will have up to 16 buildings, a courtyard and an amenity center. Nine of the buildings will be restaurants or retail spaces while the remaining seven will be mixed-use with commercial and residential aspects.

The southern tract of land will have all mixed-use buildings.

“We’re here in an open field right now, and we’re going to deliver on our promise that you entrusted us to do. This is going to be a very special, special project. This is something we can all be very, very proud of. And we can’t thank you enough for entrusting us with that,” Sawvell said.