After two years of catering events, Patricia “Pati” Alvarado has opened a permanent stand for her business, Tacos Pa-Ti, in downtown Kyle.

Alvarado began experimenting with recipes she would make at home for her four children during the pandemic, especially birria tacos which she said had gained popularity online at the time. She began selling her homemade tacos from her house and eventually booked catering and vendor events such as Kyle Market Days. The business took off from there.

“Little by little, I was like, ‘Let's add on some pastor, let's add on this, now I'm going to do a torta,’” Alvarado said.

Alvarado said as a Latina, cooking and food have always been a form of bonding with her family and friends. The business’ name comes from her nickname, Pati, which means “for you” when broken up and translated into Spanish.

Alvarado had been working in insurance and catering on the side until she made Tacos Pa-Ti her full-time job.

“This is my passion,” Alvarado said. “To feed people, especially [to] the community like this is what I enjoy. I'm such a people person.”

Alvarado said she tries to keep everything at Tacos Pa-Ti inexpensive.

“Everyone deserves to have a night out where the mom doesn't have to cook or dad doesn't have to cook,” Alvarado said.

Tacos Pa-Ti’s hours and menu are posted daily on Facebook. Current offerings include birria, breakfast and mini street tacos. She plans to expand the menu with other items she cooks at home like menudo and posole once the weather gets cooler.

A grand opening of Tacos Pa-Ti is planned for July 13. Updates on more details can be found on the business' Facebook page.
  • Opened June 28
  • 101 N. Burleson St., Kyle
  • Facebook: Tacos Pa-Ti