Duett’s Texas Club, a new bar and restaurant located at 420 Main St., is scheduled to open in Martindale in early summer.

Duett’s Texas Club is owned by former Martindale River Cafe’s husband-and-wife duo Katie and Ryan Grametbaur as well as Maury Domengeaux and Steve Schossareck. The business was named after the Grametbaurs’ daughter, Duetta, and will have a full bar and restaurant with live music.

According to Katie Grametbaur, the bar and restaurant will offer the small town’s first sold mixed beverage drink since 1882.

Domengeaux and Schossareck purchased the building and were working to restore it, but then wondered what they were going to do with it. Then they approached the Grametbaurs to see if they would be interested in running a restaurant downstairs.

“We just really sat on what Martindale needed and what we were already seeing trending at the cafe,” Katie Grametbaur said.

The former Martindale River Cafe owner noted it was the only two-story building built in Martindale in the '20s.

“The building was actually condemned and meant to [be torn] down, and they stopped that from happening to revitalize that downtown space, and not have that building and that piece of history taken from Martindale,” Katie Grametbaur said.

Katie Grametbaur described Duett’s Texas Club as a “passion project.”

“Each one of the members opening this are very passionate about their part,” Katie Grametbaur said. “It’s not just opening big business; it’s opening something that we can feel very proud of and feel that we’re doing something that’s meaningful into our community and for people visiting, and I hope people can see that when they walk in.”

She was excited to see Duett’s Texas Club bring the community together and bridge the gap between tourists and locals.

“I’m really excited about keeping [the] authenticity of small-town America but still make it where we can be relevant into the growing space around us,” Katie said.