City officials approved the rezoning and annexation of 31.17 acres of property near CR 110 and CR 112 in the Round Rock extraterritorial jurisdiction, or ETJ, during a City Council meeting April 28.

The unzoned property was zoned to a planned unit development, and is set to be developed into a housing development made up of detatched single-family housing units and townhomes.

City documents state there will be a maximum of 40 detatched units in the development, with no more than five units attached per building. The property will be a privately managed rental community, which Planning and Development Services Director Brad Wiseman said during the April 26 packet briefing helps to meet one of the strategic goals of the 2030 Comprehensive Plan to provide housing for "missing middle" housing.

"It is one of these projects that provides another diverse housing option for folks in Round Rock," Wiseman said. "It does provide a focus to be able to rent a single-family home or a townhouse type of unit and have all the amenities and and none of the maintenance that typically comes with single-family home ownership."

While there was a public hearing held for the rezoning and annexation request, no speakers addressed the council. However, three speakers shared concerns about stormwater runoff, additional traffic and views from their property when the request was heard by the city's planning and zoning commission.

"Views of their property obviously would change; there's there's no getting around that," Wiseman said. "It won't be an open pasture. There will be a few hundred homes built on the property."

Wiseman said concerns about the development's amenity center being too close to existing homes were also shared by residents.

In response to concerns from nearby property owners, the applicant revised plans to require a 250-foot setback from the southern property line for the pool and surrounding decking or patio area, according to city documents.