Editor's note: The correct address of the proposed fire station has been updated.

Pending the approval of a May bond measure, a new fire station in Round Rock could help boost response times in a growing section of Round Rock.

The station would be located at 1703 E. Old Settlers Blvd., Round Rock, and service the town's growing northeast sector as officials continue to work toward improved response times in that area.

At a Feb. 23 meeting, Round Rock City Council approved an $8.53 million construction contract for the new station with John King Construction.

The new fire station is attached to the city’s $274 million 2023 bond and is up for vote in the May 6 election. If approved, it would replace the city's central fire station at 203 Commerce Blvd., Round Rock.

Specifically, the station is part of the $44 million Proposition B portion of the bond, which addresses public safety.

Public Information Officer Sara Bustilloz said the city would likely identify an alternate funding source if Proposition B fails.

City staff said the project could take up to 14 months to complete.