Ken and Michelle Arndt have been bringing their passion for dance education to Round Rock for the last 25 years and said they enjoy helping students learn life skills that prevail beyond the studio.

They have two DanceWorks studios in Round Rock on Great Oaks Drive and Sam Bass Road, previously ran a dance studio in Nebraska.

“I always knew that I wanted to teach,” she said. “It’s very fulfilling and rewarding to watch a dancer, whatever age they are, come into your classroom and see them develop and grow.”

When Ken’s career resulted in a relocation to Texas, they settled in Round Rock. The DanceWorks location on Great Oaks Drive opened with an inaugural class of around 70 students. While classes have remained smaller to allow for more one-on-one instruction, the Arndts say regular enrollment surpasses 200 students.

Michelle said she not only teaches her students how to dance, but also how to build confidence in themselves and to be “good humans.”

“Dance builds confidence that I always tell the kids, ‘No matter what you do, whether it be something in the dance industry or not, you are always going to take these skills and tools that we give you and use them in the real world,’” she said.

In addition to more traditional dance courses such as ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary and hip-hop, The DanceWorks curriculum offers a drill preparatory program for students interested in pursuing drill teams such as the Round Rock High School Dragonettes. Michelle said The DanceWorks programs run on timelines parallel to that of a school year, with the cycle beginning in the fall. Students should enroll before Oct. 31 to keep up with the program throughout the year, Michelle said, adding that in the spring, all students participate in a recital.

For parents who are unsure if their child is ready for a full dance program, Michelle said the studio can arrange a trial class.

In their time operating dance studios in Round Rock, Ken said one of the biggest changes he has observed is the skill level of younger students.

“You see kids that are a much younger age, being able to do things that, 25 years ago, much older dancers did,” Ken said. “It’s actually really remarkable. I think that it’s a tribute to the parents providing the training and the ability for those kids to fulfill their passions.”

The Dance Works

16333 Great Oaks Drive, Ste. 120 L, Round Rock