Did you know there are more than 3,000 hippo statues on lawns and driveways across Hutto? We picked 12 creative figurines around town. Can you find them all?


1. Grab your family, friends and our map (see below), and set out for a hippo adventure.

2. When you find a hippo pictured below, write the corresponding number on the yellow marker on our map. BONUS: take your own photo with the hippo while you are there.

3. Once you discover all 12 hippos highlighted here, tweet @impactnews_rph to let us know you completed the challenge.

4. Want more? Continue your adventure around Hutto, photographing as many hippos as you can find.

Share you hippo scavenger hunt photos on social media with this hashtag: #CIHUTTOHIPPOHUNT

By the way, do you know the legend of the Hutto hippo?