Why do school districts hold bond elections?


On Nov. 6 voters will consider bond proposals for Round Rock and Pflugerville ISDs. Both bonds are designed to address the strain placed on the districts by fast-paced growth in the area and provide improvements for existing facilities and equipment.

School districts primarily use bond funds for large-scale capital improvement projects because money to do so is not included in districts’ annual budgets.

Districts receive funding from state, federal and local sources, with the primary local funding source coming from property taxes. A school district’s tax rate consists of two parts, with the larger part funding the district’s maintenance and operations and the smaller part paying interest the district accrues from bonds. Revenue from property taxes does not pay for construction projects.

Districts that are experiencing rapid growth, such as Round Rock, Pflugerville and Hutto ISDs, may need to hold bond elections more often to build enough facilities to keep pace with growing student enrollments.

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  1. Round Rock Parent

    Make the housing developers pay for the new schools, streets, utilities, roads, and everything else required to support new families. It’s their fault.

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