Hutto City Council member Dana Wilcott intends to officially resign from her Place 5 seat on council, further indicating her desire to forfeit the race against challenger Evan Porterfield in a runoff election scheduled for June 15.

What’s happening?

In a letter written to the mayor May 5—received by the city’s secretary May 10—Wilcott, in “disdain,” stated her resignation and claimed, "Hutto is beyond redemption” under Mayor Mike Snyder’s leadership.

“Your toxic presence has poisoned our community, and I refuse to be complicit in your destructive agenda any longer,” she wrote. “I hope that my resignation serves as a wake-up call to the good people of Hutto to rise up and reclaim our community from the clutches of incompetence and bigotry.”

Foreshadowing her official notice to the city, Wilcott urged Hutto residents to vote for her opposition in the runoffs, according to a screenshot of her May 7 post on social media.

“I am asking my supporters to do just one more thing for me: cast your vote for Evan Porterfield in the runoff. I truly want our community to rally around this new community leader and support him in his first term,” Wilcott wrote, explaining that “the rhetoric has been dialed up to a level that I cannot continue to engage in.”

Wilcott cited Snyder in her post, saying he urged the community to harass her. She also stated she had a responsibility to care for her children.

Though Wilcott's Facebook page has since been deleted, Snyder has responded to her claims online.

“This is another in a long stream of false accusations," Snyder said. "I think what’s inciting people is the fact that I’m done taking it and I share what happens. ...There comes a time when people’s lies should be exposed.”

City documents indicate Wilcott’s formal certificate of withdrawal from the runoff election was notarized May 13.

Wilcott could not be reached for comment as of press time.

What’s next

City Council members and staff will formally discuss Wilcott’s resignation during the upcoming City Council meeting May 16, according to the city's agenda.

Upon approval of the resolution to accept her resignation and certificate of withdrawal, Porterfield will be sworn into Place 5 during the council meeting.