October utility bills for Pflugerville residents reflect an increase in water and wastewater fees.

The overview

The increase in rates will help support the water and wastewater services the city provides as well as projects to improve infrastructure, according to a Nov. 9 news release.

Pflugerville is one of many cities throughout the region looking to secure additional water resources and build on existing infrastructure. More than $600 million in capital improvement projects are underway in Pflugerville, including a water plant expansion, wastewater plant expansion, an additional wastewater treatment plant and a secondary line to feed water into Lake Pflugerville.

What residents should know

The average residential water customer will see a $23 per month increase, and the average wastewater customer will see a $22.50 increase, according to the city, resulting in an increase of $45.50 to total monthly bills. According to analysis by NewGen Strategies and Solutions, hired by the city in 2020 to look at Pflugerville’s rates, the previous rates would not cover the costs of providing water services.

The change comes after the base monthly charge for water increased from $19 to $24 last year, while the average wastewater charge increased from $29 to $31.