The city of Pflugerville is launching a program that will allow teens to participate in the municipal court process.

Through the program, participants in ninth through 12th grades will work closely with court staff to hear Class C misdemeanor cases of other teens.

Offered on a case-by-case basis to teens charged with Class C offenses, the Teen Court acts as a diversion program in which after having their case heard by their peers, the defendant typically performs community service and does not have a conviction placed on their record.

"The Teen Court is a great opportunity for any teen interested in exploring or pursuing a career in law, law enforcement or criminal justice," Judge Farren Sheehan said in a press release. "[The court] holds juvenile offenders responsible for their behavior while also providing a potential for a more positive experience within the judicial system."

The court will meet on the second Thursday of each month from January to May 2023. The deadline for teens to apply for a place on the court is Dec. 8.

Applications and additional information about the program are available on the city's website.