Actual enrollment for Pflugerville ISD's 2023-24 school year is expected to come in under projections by 300 students, a new student demographics report shows.

In a nutshell

Fewer students who live in PfISD's bounds are attending the school district than projected for the 2023-24 school year, Templeton Demographics Vice President Bob Templeton said Oct. 5. Templeton provided an update on the district's demographics during a workshop held by the board of trustees, showing enrollment across PfISD's campuses is mixed. Many schools met the enrollment target, Templeton said, as others were lower than projected.

“It's not necessarily the same story all throughout the district,” Templeton said.

What they're saying

As far as future projections, Templeton said the upcoming special legislative session concerning school choice by way of educational savings accounts could result in some difficulty estimating enrollment for future years.

“The district should grow,” he said. “I am hesitant to be negative for too long because the amount of growth that's coming—the thing that is continuing to challenge it is the choice options, charter loss transfer loss. This legislative session will be critical.”

More than 2,500 students who reside within PfISD do not attend school there, district data shows. A report of transfers out of the district shows they attend a combination of private, charter and other public schools.