Pflugerville wine bar Three Legged Goat opened in a small space downtown in November 2018 and has been growing ever since.

The business is co-creation of Jim McDonald, Marilyn Klassen, Dale “Woody” Woodkey and Chelsea Robertson.

McDonald said the idea started around a conversation in 2017 the four of them had in 2017.

He had just been laid off, and every company he was looking at applying to required substantial travel.

“We started drinking a glass of wine and then started talking about ideas so we could start our own business,” McDonald said. “We looked around town for things that we felt Pflugerville was missing.”

Eventually, the group decided they wanted to create the mirror image of a Pflugerville-based establishment they all love, The Growler Bar.

“The Growler Bar has a lot of great craft beers with a few wines, and so we thought, ‘Well, let’s do a lot of great wines with a few beers.’ And that is really the genesis of it.”

After looking at several locations, the group decided on a little place at 200 E. Pecan St., Ste. 5.

While the bar’s interior may be limited in space, McDonald and the team invested in an expansive deck that wraps around its northern end and provides ample room for patrons to enjoy wine or beer outside.

The 2,500 square feet deck was a strategic move influenced largely by the COVID-19 pandemic, McDonald said.

“We knew that when the pandemic ended people were going to feel more comfortable coming outside,” he said. “And so we moved ahead [with] our outdoor expansion.”

In addition to providing customers a place to sit and sip beverages outside, the deck also helps facilitate Three Legged Goat’s weekly open mic event every Thursday from 7-10 p.m.

Three Legged Goat is focused purely on Texas products, be it wine or beer, and McDonald said the menu is about 50% permanent and 50% rotating.

The group is also looking into adding Texas liquors to its menu, but McDonald said there is not a set date on when that will happen.

Ownership has also reached out to an area urban winery about doing a private label limited run of Three Legged Goat branded wine, but McDonald said there is not yet a specific timeframe for that, either.

“There will be limited availability for whatever we work on,” he said.

With regard to Three Legged Goat’s genre, McDonald and Woodkey said that depends on the customer. People can come for live entertainment if they want it, they can have leisurely conversations, and they can even bring in board games.

“It’s not a shock bar. It’s not a karaoke bar,” he said. “We have a rule that the music is always at the right level where you can still have a conversation over it.”

Three Legged Goat

200 E. Pecan St., Ste. 5, Pflugerville


Hours: Tues.-Thu. 4-10 p.m.; Fri. 4 p.m.-midnight; Sat. noon-midnight; Sun. noon-8 p.m.; Mon. Closed