Texas-based drink maker Spiritless announced June 2 the company has expanded its operations and established its headquarters at 11801 Domain Blvd., Austin, in The Domain.

Spiritless, which started in Waco, manufactures distilled nonalcoholic spirits. According to a June 2 news release, the company established its headquarters in Austin as it rolled out its first product, Kentucky 74, which is a nonalcoholic bourbon-style drink.

According to a spokesperson for the company, this headquarters office is for administrative use and houses the operations and marketing teams for Spiritless. The company distills its products in Houston while bottling and blending is done in Waco.

Kentucky 74 is the first product released by Spiritless and can be found at Total Wine stores in Austin. Per the June 2 news release, Spiritless is working to launch other nonalcoholic spirit brands in the future. www.spiritless.com