A new IBM campus is coming to Austin, and the company expects to move its Austin employees to it by 2027.

“This is an opportunity to create a modern new experience for Austin-based IBMers, and we’re excited about being able to continue to showcase our creativity and innovation,” said Dexter Henderson, vice president of power commercial business for IBM in Austin. “Our vision with this new experience is to bring all our Austin employees together in a space that is flexible enough to meet the needs of the day.”

IBM filed a request for a proposal to build new space for its IBM Austin campus in September 2022. This new hub will showcase AI and cloud technologies, the technologies and consulting expertise IBM clients are increasingly investing in, Henderson said.

IBM opened its first campus in Austin in 1967 at 11400 Burnet Road and has had a 55-year presence in the city. Its two campuses in northwest Austin at 11400 Burnet Road and at 11501 Burnet Road have seen Domain and Domain Northside development happen around them.

The Austin location will be approximately 375,000 square feet with room to grow in the future, according to a press release shared by Laura Gallardo, from IBM’s U.S. regional and Hispanic media relations. It will include “100% fresh, outside air” circulation with floor to ceiling windows in the podium to allow natural daylight. It will also include large roof terraces to create indoor/outdoor opportunities. The plans for the Austin facility are based on a similar space being built by the company in New York City, the press release said.

The search for a new IBM Austin location is ongoing, Gallardo said.