Jennifer DeDonato

Jennifer DeDonato creates a variety of custom artwork from her home office in Copperfield. Photo by Marie Leonard

Most of Jennifer DeDonato’s inspiration for her custom pieces of artwork comes from her love for two other hobbies: reading and listening to music.

“I’ll hear something in a song or read something and think to myself what it would look like if it was a picture,” DeDonato said. “I love music and am a huge reader.”

Although she had been interested in art since she was growing up, the Copperfield resident started to pursue her talent more than 15 years ago when raising her autistic son.

Jennifer DeDonato

DeDonato’s pieces are made with layers of different styles and colors of paper. Photo by Marie Leonard

“When he was little he went through a spell where he was deathly afraid of bugs because he got stung by a bee,” DeDonato said. “One day I had some construction paper sitting out, and I decided to put together a book about bugs. I just started cutting them out and my husband thought they were so cute, so I started messing around with paper and it just progressed from there.”

It takes DeDonato several hours to make one piece of artwork. She uses different styles and colors of paper to make a collage and then either photographs or scans the piece to add text in digitally.

DeDonato’s artwork is available in several sizes, including 16 by 20 inches, 11 by 18 inches and 6 by 10 inches. DeDonato finishes off each piece by painting on a matte medium that seals in the print and gives it a brushed look.

In addition to artwork, DeDonato creates custom magnets and greeting cards.

Jennifer DeDonato

Artwork from Colorfly Studio is available for sale in four different sizes. Photo by Marie Leonard

Although DeDonato’s work is available online through her website, Etsy and Society 6, she does most of her business at art shows across Houston, which she began attending about nine years ago. She typically displays her work at the First Saturday Arts Market in the Heights and will be at a show Sept. 24 off Richmond Avenue called RAW: Houston.

“If you’re an artist and seriously want to start selling [locally], all you have to do is Google search ‘Houston art shows’ and you’ll find a ton,” DeDonato said. “Many of the artists here are very supportive of one another.”

In the future DeDonato hopes to continue developing her passion for art by doing more illustration for books.

“I have illustrated a couple
children’s books, and I’m so proud of those,” she said. “The author and I are trying to find a way to get published. I would love to be able to do more.”

Colorfly Studio



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