As conservation efforts continue in Leander, staff provided water-related updates and upcoming policy changes during the Aug. 17 City Council meeting.

What you need to know

Leander officials said they are looking to implement possible changes to the city’s Water Conservation & Drought Contingency Plan around September or October.

This plan improves the city’s ability to manage peak-day water demands during the warmer months.

Tentative changes include:

  • Removal of “no water” Mondays: This will help spread out all of the addresses over a seven-day period rather than six, Public Works Director Gina Ellison said at the meeting.
  • Removing the split between residential and commercial watering days
  • Adjustmenting watering hours
  • Adding the requirement of annual audits for large irrigation systems
Leander still remains in Phase 2 of water conservation, which allows watering once a week .

Related highlights

Executive Director of Infrastructure Dan Grimsbo updated council on the city’s water agreement with Georgetown.

Back in 2020, a contract was approved to allow Leander to deliver water to Georgetown. Services have been limited, however, due to the timing of demand in Leander and pressure issues in Georgetown, according to city documents.

“They need water at a constant mode,” Grimbso said.

City officials set a parameter where Georgetown can take their maximum amount of water between 9 a.m.-9 p.m., Grimsbo said. This is opposite of Leander’s peak time, which is at night when everyone is watering.

While the contract promises Georgetown 3 million gallons per day, or mgd, Grimsbo said this new parameter would give the city about 1.5 mgd.

“It's not three [million], but certainly closer,” he said. “We may be able to adjust that depending on how it goes.”