How do we put together our guides?

With over four pages of a summer camp guide, this edition has one of our largest guides of the year. In almost every edition, we include some sort of guide to local resources, businesses and more.

When it comes time for us to compile guides, we try to include as many local businesses or organizations as possible. This month, I started by looking at a list of the camps we ran in our 2018 guide and reached out for updated information. Then I searched the internet for new local summer camps to add to our guide.

Additionally, several people reached out to me ahead of time to ask how their camp could be included in the guide. This was incredibly helpful. Of course, we cannot guarantee inclusion in the paper due to occasional space restraints, strict deadlines and other factors.

If you know of a camp that should be added to our guide next year or have any ideas for a future guide, please email me! In the meantime, stay tuned for more exciting guides in the upcoming months, like the local election and healthcare guides.

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