Leander ISD to ensure new buses have air conditioning


The Leander ISD Board of Trustees indicated Sept. 20 that it would like district administration to make sure all new purchased buses are equipped with air conditioning and that 60 current buses be retrofitted with air conditioning.

“We would be fiscally prudent and not have buses retrofitted that are going to be going out of usage in a very short period of time,” Superintendent Dan Troxell said.

Troxell said 50 bond-funded replacement buses equipped with air conditioning should be ordered and delivered by Summer 2019, and that 60 older model buses should be retrofitted with air conditioning by May 2019.

The estimated cost to purchase and retrofit these buses is $8,091,000, which is less than the $8,322,500 in bond funds available for the buses.

“We’d still have $231,500 remaining,” Troxell said. “That could be used to purchase two more buses or it could be used to retrofit additional buses.”

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  1. This is ridiculous. If those same buses was taking those kids on a 1 hour drive to 6 Flags you wouldn’t hear a peep from the spoiled kids of this generation. And yes I do have a child in school. If she complained about the bus she has the option to walk. If the parents complain they have the option to take the kid I. Their air conditioned car. Do we need to get shaded bus stops next. When does this end?

  2. Since when is having AC “spoiled”? This is a basic health concern for all school children, and no parent’s child should be forced to ride inhospitably hot buses. I’ve been there when I was in school, and other readers likely have as well, and it’s miserable. What kind of parent would force their kids to walk amidst the ridiculous traffic and distracted drivers, let alone the heat? You might have the option to drive a car with AC, but many families don’t have such an option, or have parents working early hours. The other comment shows a complete disregard for the safety of our kids and no appreciation of other people’s circumstances. In an era where we constantly argue about school safety, providing basic air conditioning seems like the very least we can do.

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