The Lakeway comprehensive plan, transportation planning and broader representation of the city's growing community were key accomplishments from the past three years according to outgoing Lakeway Mayor Sandy Cox.

With the recent May 1 election results certified and Tom Kilgore having taken the oath of office, Cox gave her final mayoral address May 13 on the City of Lakeway’s Facebook site.

Lakeway’s comprehensive plan is the city’s “playbook” for the next 20 years and from this document flows the strategies Lakeway now follows to address issues like transportation and how the city funds its priorities, Cox said.

“It’s one of the most critical documents that we have for our community. Not only did we finish the comprehensive plan, we were able to develop a lot of the strategies that map to that 20-year vision,” Cox said “We’ve taken the vision, we’ve taken the strategies and what we are finalizing right now is the financial plan that goes behind that.”

Also, Cox said the city has increased safety on RM 620 with the installation of a center median, gained valuable data from its transportation study and she said she is hopeful that by the end of 2022, the Main Street extension from Medical Drive to Lohmans Crossing and Lohmans Spur will be complete.

The City of Lakeway is currently working with Stratus Properties Inc. and Legend Communities on two separate building developments that will put in place what Cox said is the “most important” traffic corridor of Lakeway.

“It’s really thrilling that we have a plan there,” she said.

Regarding how the city manages, Lakeway city government is now including more voices in its decision making by listening to retirees as well as those raising families. Cox said these citizens have participated in surveys, town hall gatherings and city council meetings.

Cox said that she is thankful for members of the community who stepped up to help during unforeseen, challenging times and said the February winter storm and the plane crash that occurred near the Lakeway Airpark in March 2019 were examples of such times.

“When there was a call for help, our community came,” she said.

In concluding her remarks, Cox said people should get behind incoming mayor Kilgore, and she said she expects to see Kilgore keep the city “marching” forward.

“I’ll still be in the community. I’ll still be around. I’ll still be helping. Thank you.” she said.

Cox was elected mayor of Lakeway in May 2018.