Drivers in Georgetown will soon have an alternative route to avoid the busyness of the downtown area with the Corridor C-Hwy. 29 Bypass project now underway.

Two-minute impact

Williamson County and Georgetown officials held a groundbreaking ceremony for the project Sept. 29.

The scope of the project includes connecting Sam Houston Avenue at Patriot Way east to Hwy. 29 with a two-lane road. Additionally, a bridge will be constructed over SH 130.

Corridor C is the last step in creating an alternative route to University Avenue in Georgetown and serves as the final link for an east-west bypass to Hwy. 29, Mayor Josh Schroeder said in the Sept. 29 news release.

The Corridor C-Hwy. 29 Bypass project is considered the first phase of an ultimate freeway.

What else?

The project will cost $30.5 million, and it is primarily funded through Williamson County’s voter-approved 2019 road bond.

The city of Georgetown will contribute no more than $4 million to the overall cost.

What officials are saying

“This is obviously a project over years, and by the time it opens, we can forecast the amount of potential traffic, and it’s a lot,” Commissioner Russ Boles said. “It’s not just what we’re trying to meet today; we’re trying to meet future needs. It’s a process; it takes years to build a good road.”

“[The project] is an integral part of the concept of a bypass around downtown Georgetown,” Commissioner Valerie Covey said. “It’s going to give a great path for pass-through trucks, oversized vehicles—that will make it safer downtown and also help with the traffic. This road will give that relief.”

Stay tuned

Construction on the Corridor C-Hwy. 29 Bypass project is anticipated to reach completion in summer 2026.