Georgetown City Council unanimously approved a special use permit for the construction of a new gas station plaza at 1910 NE Inner Loop during its June 11 meeting.

The gist

Known as Georgetown Plaza, the mixed use development will sit on 7.95 acres at the intersection of NE Inner Loop and FM 971. According to city documents, the development will include a fuel canopy and five commercial buildings.

Georgetown Plaza will include:
  • Two 15,000-square-foot buildings, including one strip center with retail stores
  • Two 5,400-square-foot fast-food restaurant buildings with drive-thrus
  • A 9,000-square-foot convenience store
  • A 2,000-square-foot retail space
  • 8 fuel pumps
In an effort to maintain the beauty along the FM 971 scenic corridor, developers will ring the property with approximately 2.76 acres of greenbelt and work to obscure the gas station, Georgetown Assistant Planning Director Travis Baird said during the meeting. Baird said the project's developers will orient buildings and add landscape buffers in a manner that will preserve the natural features of the area.

The city also considered nearby fuel services in the area before bringing the permit to council, Baird said. Every nearby gas station is either a mile away or farther from the site.

City staff also determined that despite being located near a recent townhome development, Georgetown Plaza will not negatively impact the residents, Baird said.

Additionally, Baird showed how the placement of the fueling station conforms to aesthetic and safety concerns.

“The fuel canopy will be placed 180 feet from the property line at the closest point,” Baird said, adding that this will keep potentially noxious side-effects from affecting nearby residences. "[The developers] will also orientate those buildings in a way that really maintains some of the more natural aspects, including landscape buffers along the roadway.”

Phase 1 of construction will include three buildings, the gas canopy, driveways, a parking lot and landscaping features. Phase 2 will include the rest of the buildings and landscaping, and will begin once Phase 1 is complete.

Notable quote

“Last time, I was opposed to [approving this site] largely because the fuel sales were oriented towards FM 971, which is a designated scenic corridor. I think this site plan is much better, and I think actual commercial development on that hard corner is going to be great for that area,” District 6 council member Jake French said.