Georgetown officials are proposing to implement bicycle connections and seating and lighting improvements throughout the Square under the new Downtown Master Plan.

Long story short

The priority is creating connections from downtown to surrounding green spaces, according to city documents.

The proposed bicycle connections will run on:
  • Rock Street from Eighth Street to Blue Hole Park
  • Main Street from Sixth Street to San Gabriel River Trail
  • Eighth Street from Rock Street to Chautauqua Park
Officials are also looking to implement a series of furnishings to complement and enhance the character and aesthetic of downtown and the Square. Potential additions include:
  • Planters
  • Patio railings and cafe seating
  • Retractable and movable bollards with consistent theme
  • Modern lighting and seating
Keep in mind

All plans and improvements are conceptual and will not be official until the Downtown Master Plan is adopted.

Officials said the new and updated plan is anticipated to be approved in early 2024.

Once the plan is approved, city leaders will start discussing funding and implementation, according to city documents.