The Georgetown Public Library could undergo renovations or an expansion now that city officials are discussing a long-range plan to address space concerns at the facility.

Some context

Due to the increasing demand for materials and the library nearly being at capacity, library staff initiated the process of a long-range plan to better manage the growth.

The scope of work for the proposed long-range plan includes:
  • Identifying long-term service needs in the main library, mobile facilities and online
  • Prioritizing renovation at the library to improve capacity
  • Considering expanding the library
  • Accommodating for 15- to 20-year time range
“We’re growing; we would like a plan for the future,” Library Director Sally Miculek said.

Friends of the Georgetown Public Library offered $100,000 for consulting fees and other costs associated with developing a long-range plan, Miculek said. The city’s budget also includes $25,000 to apply toward that cost.

A closer look

Miculek said the usage of the library’s services has grown. More people are obtaining library cards and using the resources, and there has been an increase in program attendance.

Last year, the library had roughly 278,000 visits, Miculek said, and this year, it had 330,000 visits—an 18.7% increase.

All seating areas and study spaces remain occupied throughout open hours, according to city documents. Furthermore, the library’s use of meeting and conference rooms has grown due to a rise in program offerings.

What officials are saying

The majority of the council deemed an expansion of the library necessary; however, they also recommended attaining useful data.

“It seems like a no-brainer; whatever the study entails, I think there’s going to be a recommendation for expansion,” council member Jake French said. “We need to make sure that we get as much usable data as we can. The data will help us, in the future, make a wise decision on what we’re going to need to do to expand.”

Going forward

In November, staff will seek council approval to accept the $100,000 gift from Friends of the Georgetown Public Library, which would be put toward developing the long-range plan.

Miculek said staff plans to execute a contract with a consulting firm to develop the plan by February. The plan is estimated to be approved by December 2024.