Williamson County has certified its election rolls following the Nov. 3 election, as have cities, school districts and other local governing entities, but members of the community have continued to make claims of voter fraud.

During a Nov. 17 county commissioners meeting, public commenters said they had either retained attorneys or signed affidavits claiming the election was mishandled, but as of noon Nov. 18, Williamson County Judge Bill Gravell said he has not been made aware of any such affidavits, which would have been submitted to the county attorney’s office.

Gravell reiterated that his single authority is over Williamson County and he can only do something about any allegations that occurred in the county if proof is submitted.

“All I’ve heard are Facebook rumors and innuendoes, and we haven’t had one affidavit submitted, period,” Gravell told Community Impact Newspaper.

While there was a technical issue with machines, election officials have said the issue did not impact the overall results of the race. The issue did not affect individual ballots but rather the coding that divided results by voting precinct. There are 94 voting precincts in Williamson County.

Over six days, each of the about 235,000 early voting in-person ballots were resorted manually in order to meet the Nov. 16 deadline, Elections Administrator Chris Davis said. Because the resorting was done by individuals and not a machine, Davis acknowledged that data provided could be subject to human error.

However, Davis said he and his team had full confidence that the summary results were accurate.

Gravell added that he has full confidence in the election and that the results are accurate, adding that he also has confidence in the new machines that tabulated them.

“We know who won, and we know who lost,” Gravell said. “I have confidence that everyone that wanted to vote—lawfully, that could vote—had that privilege, [and] whether they did or not is their choice.”

Williamson County saw unprecedented voter turnout during the Nov. 3 election, with more than 291,000 residents casting a ballot.

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