About 69.78% of Williamson County voters cast their ballot early ahead of the Nov. 3 election, according to Williamson County Elections Department data.

As of close of polls Oct. 30, 263,020 ballots had been cast, data shows. This includes 234,484 in-person votes, 24,278 mail-in votes, 1,436 limited ballots and 2,822 provisional ballots, it said.

Williamson County voters broke several records this election, including the one for early voting turnout, which it surpassed Oct. 21. The county surpassed the total number of voters in 2016 on Oct. 25. It also broke its record for highest turnout in county history Oct. 26 when it beat out a record previously set during the 2018 general election. Williamson County has 376,672 registered voters.

The polling locations with the highest early voting turnout was the Cedar Park Public Library, with more than 22,400 in-person voters. The Williamson County Jester Annex and the Brushy Creek Community Center, both in Rock Rock, also saw more than 20,000 voters each.

Early voting ran from Oct. 13-30. Eligible voters have one last day to cast their ballots: Election Day, Nov. 3. Williamson County will host 57 Election Day polling locations. To find the location nearest you, see below.

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