Kay Briggs has always been an artist. But unlike a painter, her medium is clothing.

As the owner of Pink Poppy Artisans Boutique in Georgetown, Briggs said she aims to marry her artistic tastes with functionality by hand-selecting locally made clothing, jewelry and accessories.

What they offer

From artisan-made handbags to hand-painted tops, Pink Poppy Artisans Boutique offers a wide range of products made in the U.S., including some from local Texas artists.

Beyond clothing and jewelry, the store also sells gift items such as watercolor greeting cards, perfumes, travel accessories, candles and other small home goods.

"The style of the store is colorful and creative," Briggs said. "We have some solid colors, but we always, always have prints."

Throughout the year, the boutique also participates in community fashion shows to help platform independent designers.

Meet the owner

Briggs is a Houston native with several years of art and gym teaching experience.

She said her love for crafts began with painting T-shirts, and after moving to Georgetown, she began selling her creations at the city's market days.

"I sold paintings of chickens, aprons, tote bags—all kinds of stuff," Briggs said. "I'm always going to be an artist. It comes through everything I do and everything I see."

What's different?

Originally, Pink Poppy Artisans Boutique opened on the Square in 2013.

In 2020, Briggs made the decision to downsize her space and moved into the current location within The Summit at Rivery Park.

"We had a lot of foot traffic downtown, but the clientele changes when you have festivals and other events like that. We really value making connections with our local community, and that was getting lost in the busyness," Briggs said.

Briggs said the new space allows her to make stronger relationships with customers and better manage the store's inventory.

What's next?

In the future, Briggs said she hopes to offer artisan classes.