Sen. Charles Schwertner Sen. Charles Schwertner • District 5[/caption]

Sen. Charles Schwertner • District 5

Recent activity:

Schwertner helped pass SB 8, which relates to the total revenue exemption for the franchise tax, out of the Senate with a 24-7 vote. It aims to provide businesses with tax cuts.
Passed SB 239 out of the Senate, which offers student loan assistance for mental health professionals who agree to treat underserved patients.

R-Georgetown • Elected: 2012
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At The Capitol Rep. Marsha Farney • District 20[/caption]

Rep. Marsha Farney • District 20

Recent activity:

Farney filed HB 2794, which would make it easier for a person to get a delayed birth certificate and would make it a Class A or B misdemeanor for parents who continue to refuse to give their child an affidavit of personal knowledge. The bill was filed in response to a Williamson County resident who had difficulty in obtaining identifying documents because she was born at home, and her parents did not file for a birth certificate or Social Security number.

Elected: 2012
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Rep. Larry Gonzales Rep. Larry Gonzales • District 52[/caption]

Rep. Larry Gonzales • District 52

Recent activity:

Gonzales is chairman of the House Committee on Appropriations, which drafted a proposed two-year, $210 billion state budget.
On April 28 the Conference Committee began meeting to discuss and combine the House and Senate’s separately proposed budgets. Gonzales is a committee member.

R-Round Rock
Elected: 2010
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