Ask the Editor: How do you define ‘Central Austin?’


The edition of Community Impact Newspaper you’re reading now is one of three covering the city of Austin. Our paper is delivered to every home and business in Central, Southwest and Northwest Austin—but what do those geographic terms really mean?

Ask Austinites how to define those three locations, and you’d probably get a different answer from each resident depending on how long that person has lived here and how they see the city’s neighborhoods.

For our purposes, Central Austin covers 11 ZIP codes. We go as far south as Ben White Boulevard, as far north as Crestview, west to Northwest Hills and this fall, we expanded our circulation in East Austin to about 10,000 more addresses.

Our mission is to provide our readers with hyperlocal coverage in their communities. That’s why we need three papers in this fast-changing city, each with the goal to give Austin residents news that matters in their neighborhoods.

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  1. I’ve been here since 1979. Back then it was I-35 to Lamar and Town Lake to 38th Street. I am afraid I still think of it that way.

  2. >>as far north as Crestview

    I’m in Wooten and you all still deliver the Central Austin edition here.

  3. Would be great if you’d deliver to Highland. You report on businesses here but don’t deliver here!

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Jack Flagler
Jack is the editor for Community Impact's Central Austin edition. He graduated in 2011 from Boston University and worked as a reporter and editor at newspapers in Maine, Massachusetts and North Carolina before moving to Austin in January of 2018.
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