Voters in Travis County can vote at any of the county’s polling centers during both the early-voting period from Oct. 24-Nov. 4 and on Election Day. A list of polling locations is published at Proposition language has been lightly edited for space.

Important dates to know:

Oct. 24: First day of early voting

Oct. 28: Last day to apply for ballot by mail (received, not postmarked)

Nov. 4: Last day of early voting

Nov. 8: Election Day

Nov. 8: Last day to receive ballot by mail (or Nov. 9 if carrier envelope is postmarked by 7 p.m. at location of election on Election Day)

Only candidates in contested elections are included. Go to county election websites for information on uncontested races. For more election coverage, go to

Federal races

U.S. House of Representatives, District 35

Dan McQueen (R)

Greg Casar (D)

U.S. House of Representatives, District 37

Jenny Garcia Sharon (R)

Lloyd Doggett (D)

Clark Patterson (L)

State races


Greg Abbott* (R)

Beto O’Rourke (D)

Mark Tippetts (L)

Delilah Barrios (G)

Lieutenant governor

Dan Patrick* (R)

Mike Collier (D)

Shanna Steele (L)

Attorney general

Ken Paxton* (R)

Rochelle Mercedes Garza (D)

Mark Ash (L)

Comptroller of public accounts

Glenn Hegar* (R)

Janet T. Dudding (D)

V. Alonzo Echevarria-Garza (L)

Commissioner of the General Land Office

Dawn Buckingham (R)

Jay Kleberg (D)

Alfred Molison Jr. (G)

Commissioner of agriculture

Sid Miller* (R)

Susan Hays (D)

Railroad commissioner

Wayne Christian* (R)

Luke Warford (D)

Jaime Andres Diez (L)

Hunter Wayne Crow (G)

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 3

Debra Lehrmann*(R)

Erin A. Nowell (D)

Thomas Edward Oxford (L)

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 5

Rebeca Huddle* (R)

Amanda Reichek (D)

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 9

Evan Young* (R)

Julia Maldonado (D)

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 5

Scott Walker* (R)

Dana Huffman (D)

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 6

Jesse F. McClure III* (R)

Robert Johnson (D)

Member, State Board of Education, District 5

Perla Munoz Hopkins (R)

Rebecca Bell-Metereau* (D)

Texas Senate, District 14

Sarah Eckhardt* (D)

Steven E. Haskett (L)

Texas Senate, District 21

Julie Dahlberg (R)

Judith Zaffirini (D)

Arthur DiBianca (L)

Texas House of Representatives, District 46

Sam Strasser (R)

Sheryl Cole* (D)

Texas House of Representatives, District 48

Donna Howard* (D)

Daniel Jerome McCarthy (L)

Texas House of Representatives, District 49

Katherine Griffin (R)

Gina Hinojosa* (D)

Texas House of Representatives, District 51

Robert Reynolds (R)

Maria Luisa “Lulu” Flores (D)

Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals District, Place 4

Lesli R. Fitzpatrick (R)

Rosa Lopez Theofanis (D)

District judge 455th Judicial District

Cleve W. Doty (R)

Laurie Eiserloh (D)

Local races

Travis County judge

Rupal Chaudhari (R)

Andy Brown* (D)

County clerk

R Susan Haynes

D Dyana Limon-Mercado

City of Austin mayor

Phil Campero Brual

Celia Israel

Kirk Watson

Anthony Bradshaw

Jennifer Virden

Gary S. Spellman

Austin City Council, District 1

Misael D. Ramos

Clinton Rarey

Melonie House-Dixon

Natasha Harper-Madison*

Austin City Council, District 3

José Velásquez

Daniela Silva

Gavino Fernandez Jr.

José Noé Elías

Yvonne Weldon

Austin City Council, District 5

Ryan Alter

Bill Welch

Ken Craig

Stephanie Bazan

Aaron Velazquez Webman

Brian Anderson II

Austin City Council, District 8

Paige Ellis*

Richard Smith

Antonio D. Ross

Kimberly P. Hawkins

Austin City Council, District 9

Zena Mitchell

Zohaib “Zo” Qadri

Greg Smith

Joah Spearman

Kym Olson

Ben Leffler

Linda Guerrero

Tom Wald

City of Austin, Proposition A

Authorizing the city of Austin to issue $350 million in tax-supported general obligation bonds and notes for planning, designing, acquiring, constructing, renovating, improving and equipping affordable housing facilities for low- and moderate-income persons and families, and acquiring land and interests in land and property necessary to do so, funding loans and grants for affordable housing, and funding affordable housing programs as may be permitted by law; and the levy of a tax sufficient to pay for the bonds and notes.

Austin ISD

Austin ISD board of trustees, District 1

Roxanne J. Evans

Candace L. Hunter

Austin ISD board of trustees, District 4

Kathryn Whitley Chu

Clint Small

Austin ISD board of trustees, at-large Position 9

Arati Singh

Heather Toolin

Austin ISD, Proposition A

Authorizing AISD to issue $2,316,025,000 in school building bonds to renovate selected campuses; upgrade security measures; and purchase of new school buses while raising property tax rates to cover the cost.

Austin ISD, Proposition B

Authorizing AISD to issue $75,541,000 in school building bonds for technology upgrades.

Austin ISD, Proposition C

Authorizing AISD to issue $47,434,000 in bonds to improve athletic facilities.

Austin Community College

Austin Community College board of trustees, Place 6

Nathaniel Hellman

Steve Jackobs

Proposition A

Authorizing ACC to issue $770 million in bonds for the purpose of constructing, improving, renovating, and equipping college buildings districtwide for workforce training and general education programs, including construction of a new campus at the Pinnacle site in Southwest Austin and construction of a new campus in southeast Travis County.

* indicates incumbent






Polling locations

Residents registered to vote in Travis County may cast their vote at any polling station in the county.