Phase 2 of the San Gabriel Parkway project, slated to begin this summer, will complete construction of the planned four-lane road eastward, connecting it to Ronald Reagan Boulevard in Leander.

It is intended to provide the Palmera Ridge and Palmera Bluff neighborhoods access to Ronald Reagan Boulevard. The access to this road will reduce and redirect construction-induced traffic in the neighborhoods, according to the city.

“Police and fire departments are looking forward to having [the San Gabriel Parkway] road completed because it gives them access to the road on both the west and east ends,” capital improvement projects manager Tony Bettis said.

This phase of the project will also include a traffic signal installation at the intersection of Ronald Reagan Boulevard and San Gabriel Parkway.

Timeline: summer 2022-late 2023/early 2024

Cost: $7.6 million

Funding source: city of Leander's 2016 and 2018 bonds