With possible plans to call a bond in 2022, the city of Cedar Park is finishing its list of park, road, public safety and facility projects that used $96.7 million in bond funding.

Several Cedar Park projects that residents use or rely on daily—such as the New Hope Drive extension to Ronald Reagan Boulevard, Fire Station No. 5 and the near-complete Bell Boulevard realignment project—came from the city’s 2015 voter-approved bond.

The bond program was scheduled to be completed in increments over about seven years. The city sold the final of three bond issuances in 2020, according to the city.

Cedar Park Mayor Corbin Van Arsdale said since the 2015 bond is winding down, the city is now prioritizing and whittling down a needed-project list before asking voters to approve another bond to keep up with the growing number of people moving to Cedar Park.

“Whether it’s public safety, whether it’s roads, whether it’s parks ... we’re always needing to catch up,” he said.

The transportation and public safety facility projects from Propositions 1 and 2 are mostly complete as of this fall. Projects left to be completed include the police building roof replacement, RM 1431 widening between Bagdad Road and Anderson Mill Road and the second New Hope Drive extension.

Proposition 3 funded the city’s new library in the future mixed-use Bell District development. The new 47,000-square-foot, multistory library will include an outdoor area for community events next to a planned city park, according to the city. The library is expected to open in 2024 with Phase 1 of the Bell District.••Van Arsdale said the Bell Boulevard realignment and the new library were key projects from the 2015 bond because they offer redevelopment in the one area of the city that was declining in value.

Proposition 4 funded partial construction of Lakeline Park Phase 1, which broke ground in August and is expected to open in summer 2022. When complete, the first phase of the 64-acre park will feature a multipurpose pavilion for music and performing arts, 3 miles of trails, a great lawn, a fishing pier, pavilions, multipurpose practice fields, wildflower meadows and other amenities.

A new council-appointed bond advisory task force began meeting in September to discuss city needs for a future bond program. Proposed projects cover public safety, parks, transportation and facilities. The task force is expected to present a final recommendation to the city in January.

Cedar Park resident Tom Schwerdt said since the pandemic began he has put more miles on his bike than on his car for errands and recreation, but he has safety concerns when biking next to higher-speed car traffic.

He said the 2015 bond package met needs for motor transportation, but the needs of cyclists, walkers and wheelchair users to safely travel through the city were not met.

Some of the transportation projects proposed in the next bond include bike and pedestrian improvements such as a shared-use path between the Bell District and 183A Toll. Schwerdt said this would allow more neighborhoods to access the Bell District by walking or biking. ••“I think it’s a great opportunity with the current bond package to have more emphasis on active transportation,” Schwerdt said.•